Updated: Aug 22, 2022

I started working on improving ILUGC [1]’s online presence after COVID [2] started. We renewed ILUGC’s irc [3] channel in Freenode [4] after a long time (but again moved to [5], that is another story), it was created around 2009 but nobody cared. During channel registration, freenode stuff asked me does ILUGC have any online presence. I provided ILUGC’s website [6], they asked me to add one TXT [7] record to that website’s domain.

At that time, I dint know who owned ILUGC’s website, but know that someone from ILUGC community retrived and restored that expired domain few years back. I enquired about that with shrini [8] and came to know that cnu [9] is the person who retrived and restored that website. So I sent a mail to cnu asking to add TXT record which freenode sent to me. He added it immediately.

Joined ILUGC website development

Then cnu added me as one of the member of ILUGC project [10] in GitHub. I came to know that ILUGC’s website is actually a Hugo [11] powered static website. I tried to write some article for that website and understood how that website is hosted with the help of Netlify [12]. I wrote one article [13] explaining how one can contribute to ILUGC’s website from the knowledge I gained.

ILUGC’s website and the way it was hosted without running a webserver inspired me to move my wordpress hosted blog to a static website.

To be continued..